EU pharmaceuticals trading

Drug Safety

Responsibility for the highest drug safety

EU pharmaceuticals are made available either through their own national approval which is only issued if the therapeutic identity has been verified against the reference drug by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM, or by an approval through the European approving authority the European Medicines Agency (EMA, Such drugs are generally identical in the countries in which they are distributed.

Of course we consider the legal provisions of the German pharmaceutical legislation as well as applicable EU standards. For all products quality checks are performed by us as well as by the respective original manufacturer.

In keeping with our responsibility for the therapeutic effect of the products sold by us and our commitment to the patients, all storage and transport regulations are monitored by us through the close cooperation with European pharmaceutical wholesalers and adhered to.

Through strict control and monitoring we can ensure that products which must be continuously cooled at a given temperature arrive safely at the German pharmaceutical wholesalers or pharmacies.

Regular checks by the responsible pharmaceuticals monitoring board confirm our responsible conduct in relation to storage and logistics of sensitive praparations.